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Giving Back: 3 ways for your business to give back in the new year 


As we enter 2024, we all hope for a prosperous and positive year ahead. We often spend the first few weeks of the new year focusing on internal goals and metrics we'd like to meet for ourselves or our businesses. Here are a few ideas on how to balance out those personal or business goals with some giving-back-focused goals to help us feel connected to our communities, and part of a bigger picture:  


Designate volunteer opportunities for your team: A growing trend we have seen over the last few years is designated volunteering days. Many companies give 1-2 paid days off for their employees to get involved in a community or charity initiative of their choice through volunteering. This is a great way to increase morale by providing social meaning and purpose for your team. This might mean an individual employee might devote a few hours to the Boys and Girls Club, or an entire team could spend an afternoon distributing donated groceries at a local food bank. 


Support local at your next event: Many businesses have team or customer events that involve dining or an activity. Next time you have an event like this, seek out ways to support local. Perhaps it is dining at a local restaurant, or purchasing local goods to be given out at customer or staff appreciation events.  


Host your own event or drive: If you are passionate about a certain cause, a great way to get involved is to host your own event or fundraising opportunity. This could be a food drive, a charity golf tournament, or a collaboration event with local charities. There is a diverse range of options depending on what best fits your business and budget.  

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