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3 ways to add value to a home through outdoor space


When it comes to backyards – there are a lot of bells and whistles one can add, but when it comes to adding value to a home – there are certain areas that do much more than others. Here are a few ways to add value to a home through the backyard:


Structures that allow for privacy: Privacy is a huge factor for many homeowners when thinking about what they want in their yards. If the property is not private based on size, structures that create privacy are highly sought after. Pergolas, privacy walls, and landscaping that create some privacy in the yard can act as another room to the house and increase functionality. 


Indoor to outdoor accessibility: Often overlooked – accessibility to outside from the inside of a home is a huge factor in perceived home value. Creating an outdoor space that feels like a natural extension of a home allows homeowners or potential homeowners to envision the use of the space. This can impact everything from patio door choices to deck style to yard layout. For example, a family home might want to focus on visibility from the inside to the outside of the home – as backyards are a common space for young children to play.


All weather areas:  Canadian summers tend to be short and sweet. Many homeowners want to be able to enjoy every minute they can outdoors before the cold winter comes – rain or shine. Covered areas in a yard, such as a gazebo allow for a backyard to be utilized in all weather conditions.

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