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Great backyard space is desired by many, especially during those warmer months of the year. However, it is not always easy figuring out how to design different-sized yards. Here are a few layouts most functional for each specific yard size:? 

Small Yards: Many homeowners desire grass yards but in a small yard with little room a grass yard will likely be under utilized, being too small for most activities. On the contrary, small yards make for a perfect intimate social space for guests such as the one in this photo. Keep that green outdoor element by adding low maintenance drought-friendly plants instead of grass.??? 

Mid-size yards: The problem with mid-sized yards is they are big, but still tighter than a large yard when it comes to creating multi-functional space. A great way to get a little of everything is the utilization of dead space. Corners, such as the one shown in the reference photo, can be built into a great conversation nook while still leaving room for other things in the rest of the yard.??? 

Large Yards: Large yards face the opposite problem, having too much space. They can end up feeling baron and be high maintenance when it comes to landscaping. Creating a divide with large patio space and greenery keeps an earthy feel, but also creates coziness. It also cuts down on lawn maintenance!? 

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